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Colour your world
see through my eyes
My art has evolved over the last 10 years. My passion now is acrylic art, my style includes experiments with hi flow paints to create colourful abstracts with movement. My photography is based around the postcards I would like to buy at places I have visited on my travels. So many poscards are generic. I want to remember the images i have seen with my eyes. So have translated them through the camera on to postcards.
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Comments (2)
Sunny Mars Designs commented on ashroc 31/08/2010
Hi ashroc, thanks so much for the comment on my yoga sunrise tee. I've been browsing your store and I'm loving it. My city (hint: the yarra) is on a few of your products.
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Kim_Turner_1 commented on ashroc 21/06/2010
"Thanks Jen =)"
Hope your little pretty kitty is doing fine! Mine are hating the winter =^^=
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