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Art | Design | Typography
Cork, Cork, Ireland
Hi, welcome to WiredWizardWeb. My partner and I have two lads, one at school and one at college studying fine art. I drew all the time as a lad, when not out on my bike or up a tree. I was taught to type while still at school by Mrs. Williams, who made the class type to the thump of her cane on the floor, as she patrolled between the desks. If you went out of step on the typewriter keys, the cane would be across your knuckles. She had the reflexes of a cobra, I could never pull my hands away fast enough. So I learned to touch type, just so I could watch for the cane. I've mentioned this as learning to type has been responsible for shaping my entire career. When I left school I received an apprenticeship in print, purely based on the fact that I was a lad who could type. So I went to art college where I studied girls, graphic art & design, typography, photography, small Japanese motorcycles and beer. The WiredWizardWeb Name and Logo came into existence for a project devised for college students studying Multimedia Application Development (M.A.D.). An acronym I've always considered appropriate. College refuelled my own creative side which has continued to develop. Life is for enjoying and enjoying the work you do, and I love my work. I hope you love my work as much as I enjoy creating it. Thanks for visiting. Paul, WiredWizardWeb
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