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Where raconteurs, gypsies, gadabouts, and ne'er-do-wells make art
Roseville, CA, United States
Villa Villekulla is named after our rambling hippie shack of a house, where family and friends come and go, some moving in for a spell. There's a fair amount of porch-sitting under the fairy lights and brainstorming ideas about art, philosophy, and how to live cheaply and well. We still haven't gotten it all figured out yet, and there are nights when the grown-ups go to bed with empty stomachs growling. But never the lil'uns, never the lil'uns! I won't lie: there's also some drankin' out of Mason jars. Maybe if we forewent alkeehol altogether, there'd never be an empty belly among us. But good beer or whiskey can be a meal in itself, or a cheaper alternative to a smorgasbord. Whatever gets you through the night, that's our philosophy. "Make room," and judge-ye-not. Many of us choose bicycles over cars, we opt to self-employ rather than punch a time-clock *if at all possible,* we support local businesses and we ARE local businesses. Among the ragtag group of family and hangers-on, we have IT-wizards, DIY-types, bike- and car-mechanics of-a-sort, artists and artisans, a little girl who dances really well, one whip-smart manbun-sporter, an MMA fighter-slash-scholar of Ancient Greek-slash-landscaper, a tabletop war-gaming enthusiast, a proud blue-haired American, a fair amount of "mental illness" diagnoses scattered among several, a teen who is a musical prodigy and gorgeous to boot (plus a bevy of her friends, who visit and never want to leave,) a gentle genius boy-slash-Minecraft/Lego enthusiast, several train-jumpin' hobos who come by to holler good wishes our way and trade goods for services or vice versa. All are welcome. And artistic creation is encouraged and engaged in with frequency and enthusiasm. Multi-media, guerrilla gardening, drawing, pastels, calligraphy, photography, and fiddling with meme-making apps are some of the more common pastimes. We are inspired by books and the color wheel and our political leanings. Hope you enjoy what you see.
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