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Treemo Gear
Go Outside. In Style.
Waynesburg, PA, United States
The story behind the design... I've spent my entire life drawing, creating, and basically making art in any way that I possibly could! Colored pencils were my first love and I eventually began to dabble in acrylic painting. When you spend hours (days, weeks, a month or more!) creating something, it's always fun to share it with others. However, I found that people approached my work cautiously. Often with hands behind their back and not daring to touch what I'd worked so hard to make. As nice as that is, I found it a little disheartening. I wanted my art to be appreciated not only visually, but in a way that could engage more than just the sense of sight. It didn't take long to decide that while I still wanted to create art, it needed to be in a form that could be touched, carried, and passed around. I began taking pictures of everything: my drawings, nature, abstract paintings, etc. With a little research, I learned how to create patterns and designs from them that could be applied to clothing and so much more! One day I saw beautiful patterns in the bark of a locust tree. With a little creativity, my photograph of it turned into something inspirational! It looked like camo, yet with a unique artistic flair! I began taking more pictures of trees. Lots and lots of them! Soon, "Treemo Gear" was born. Trees+Camo=Treemo. It made sense. It was beautiful. It was practical. And I'm so excited to share it with you!
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