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Inspired by Waves - Making art to enrich your day
Paradise, Nevada, United States
I have been a designer and maker for many years across a wide range of mediums. These days I'm really focussed on photography, painting and digging deep into archives to give some forgotten public domain images and artworks a second life. My inspirations are pretty clear and have always been the same. • Guitars and music - (I have a guitar restoration business and was a professional musician for many years). I'm working on a range of instructional posters at present and as I photograph every guitar I work on in intimate detail, my image bank is always growing. • The Ocean and Surfing - I grew up on the beach and have been an extremely keen surfer my whole life - although I find myself landlocked for the first time in my life and the artwork is great therapy for me. :) • Australian Themes - I was born in Australia but have been living in different countries my whole life. The uniqueness of Australia shaped me and creating designs that pay homage to that feels right to me. • Nature - Being in the ocean so much through my youth, witnessing the power and beauty and seeing so many amazing sights was an incredible gift and art is one way to share that with people. I am learning as I go here - the goal is create a body of work that becomes a part of peoples lives. I spent many years in the fine art world and I dislike the snobbery and elitism, I love that art can live on stuff like posters, stickers, coffee mugs and t-shirts and give people a real lift during their day at work and/or at home. Thanks so much for dropping by. Send me a note if my work moves you or even just makes you smile. Brett
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Brett Jackson
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