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Sipporah Art
Unique Designs Combining Nature's Beauty with Modern Illustration
Sipporah Art and Illustration is a single-person LLC based in the United States of America. The owner of Sipporah is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and photographer, who graduated from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma with a Bachelor's degree in fine art with an emphasis in graphic design. She is currently a freelance artist, who has had experience doing various illustrations, company and city logos, digital art, book and greeting card layouts, drawing, painting, and various other types of visual art. Sipporah is devoted to uplifting and inspiring art lovers through its many unique designs and compositions. It is through art that Sipporah celebrates God's Love and care for mankind and His beautiful creation that He meant for us to care for and to enjoy. To God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, every human being is special, and it is through His Word that we learn about Him and His Way of life. His marvelous creation is also a reminder of His majesty and perfect intelligence, whether it be the tiny flowers and butterflies in our gardens, the rain forests of the Amazon, or the mighty beasts of the African plains. The natural wonders around us prove that God was the first and is the ultimate artist, and Sipporah seeks to remind us of this. Sipporah Art and Illustration is still in the process of setting up its online websites. Information on those sites will be available as soon as they have been completed. All artwork on this profile is property of Sipporah Art and Illustration. All images in this store are property of Sipporah Art and Illustration.
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