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Custom & Personalized Products for your Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining Room
Our Story
We are are what they call serial entrepreneurs! We started out in potty training, with the Potty Scotty and Potty Patty potty training dolls and a full line of potty training products. We then added Baby Milano brand baby clothes. Then 2 years ago, we added with 50 custom and personalized products. We now have over 200 different custom products. All the products are crafted in our 7200 sq foot office/warehouse facility in Pearland (suburb of Houston), TX. We also created a customization system that is populated with what we call design parts - this is various forms of art work such as backgrounds, ribbons, labels and lots and lots of graphics. A lot of our art work is fully or partially recolor-able. We then take these design parts, along with some creativity, fonts and colors and put them together into what we call designs to provide you with ideas on what we can do for you. We then take these designs and automagically apply them to all the custom products (at time of writing we had over 200 different products!) so that you can see what the design will look like on each product. You purchase our custom products in one of two ways. You can start with one of our designs and customize it to suit you. Or if you are the creative type and have an idea of what you want, then we would suggest that you start with our our custom design on any product - go into our customization system, browse our design parts and create your very own unique design. Our goals is to enable you to decorate your entire space - i.e. your bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, car etc.
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