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The Official Spiritwear Store of Oak Knoll Elementary School
Menlo Park, CA, United States
Welcome back, Oak Knoll Families! Below you'll find the latest and greatest Otterwear products and we're excited that this year, all products can be customized with just a few clicks! A few things to note: Please access the store through the links on this page or by using zazzle.com/otterwear*. The star is essential in order for the school to receive a referral bonus (and has no impact on the product price). The easiest way to make sure that the school receives the referral bonus is to re-visit zazzle.com/otterwear* right before you check out. You'll see a preview pop up before you order, so please make sure that both the front and the back of the product appear exactly how you want to receive them. Any products on which a name appears will arrive with "Taylor Anderson" unless you change or delete the text. Zazzle will not change any text fields before printing. The shirts are available in multiple colorways, so be sure to click through to find the color that best represents your child's unique sense of style! Questions? Email mpoakknollotterwear (at) gmail.com Your 2016-2017 Otterwear Team Becky Bullard, Ashley Montoulli, and Kelli Agnich
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