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fine art designs and funny cute animal designs
Sydney, Australia
Hi there... I am Olga, an Australian artist, designer and illustrator from Sydney. I created all these products out of my sketches, drawings and paintings. I hope you will enjoy holding, wearing and using products I designed for you. My stylized FunnyCuteAustralian collections are inspired by a very cheeky and funny bird, an Australian sulphur-crested cockatoo. Shop here if you are looking for original gifts with an authentic Australian flavour, for example, a mug, T-shirt or greeting card. Cockatoos are my pets and neighbours at the same time. They are visiting pets as they live freely in the neighbourhood and come to see me every day to have a friendly chat, to be fed, sketched and photographed. On my FunnyCuteAustralian designs they look like cute clowns, funny entertainers and friendly souls. That is how I see them all - cute and funny, though I have also done many realistic style drawings and painted cockatoos and other Australian parrots probably a million times. Both FunnyCuteCats and FunnyCuteOwls drawing series are artistically interpreted designs inspired by cats and owls. Cats are always cute and funny. That’s why we adore them. Right? I love cats for they are independent, charming, sweet and full of grace. So far these animal designs are black and white. Their colour versions will be released in a few months. The work is in progress... I used some of my paintings to create original design products such as greeting cards, mugs, cushions, tote bags, just to name a few, for my Zazzle store. You can view all my paintings on the website www.olgakolesnikart.com
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