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OhCreativeOne, LLC
Professional Graphic Design for your Special Events and Home
Pickens, SC, United States
Welcome! I'm a professional graphic designer, who's done the corporate grind and knew it wasn't where I belonged. I went out on my own full time in 2009 and I couldn't be happier with the decision. I have an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design and have been working as a freelancer for businesses for over 10 years (check out www.ohcreativeone.com for my B2B work). In the past five years I have added in invitations and party decor as part of my offering. In the past 2 years, I have added greeting cards, wall art and home decor. I love that my invitations, party packages, etc. become a part of your special event/party and I feel blessed to know that I've contributed. I want my designs to be the icing on your cake; that little extra "oomph" that puts it over the top. I want to make you happy. That makes me happy. I'm just a girl, with big dreams. I start my days with coffee and end them with wine. In between, my days are filled with color, design, loud music, a sweet puppy dog (She-Ra) and my wonderful husband. He's the practical one, I'm the "follow your dreams and quit your day job" one. We balance each other nicely. I get my creative bend from both parents. A dad who can draw better than anyone I know and a mom who's a crafter, painter, DIYer and just about everything else. I was taught to enjoy the little things, but to work hard for the big things. I have the world's best support system. In addition to design and my family, I love 60's era everything, shoes, old musicals, MACs, the changing of the seasons and the wind in my hair. I want to see the world. But I love my little corner. I start my days with coffee and usually end them with wine. I admittedly have a shoe and Pinterest addiction. Xo, Jennafer
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Jennafer B. Conley
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