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Mind for Science || Heart for Nature || Soul for Art
Seattle, Washington
I'm a freelance artist, designer, and single mother living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I want to share my background with art and what motivates me as an artist. Art has always been my liberation. Since childhood, the skills that I have developed as an artist have given me a safe space of my own to create and express myself through art. I grew up under difficult conditions, at times, and art allowed me an opportunity to share and work through the feelings I had in dealing with life's constant changes. I am a self-taught artist and I have spent most of my free time exploring every form of art and self-expression that intrigues me. The one constant love of mine has always been visual arts. It is my lifelong romance. With all the ups and downs of any great love story and every bit as worth it. Art helps me to organize my thoughts and express the intricacies of my emotions through lines, shapes, colors, and textures. It's how I move through the chaos of life with grace and focus. Each and every piece is an act of meditation. Through my art, my feelings and thoughts are given a place to be something beautiful, something that makes sense and in that, I find peace. I draw inspiration from the mystery of nature and how everything connects in the universe. The patterns, sacred geometry, and order in the chaos of the natural universe mesmerize me and inspire me to create art that expresses my intrigue of the unknown; of the science of nature and life. I came across Zazzle and instantly became intrigued by the potential to share my art with others in a way that is unique and personal. With all the customization of this site and products to choose from I plan to continue to create art to share with you all. Have a look around and welcome to my store! Cheers!!
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