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Artist Extraordinarie
Mount Gilead, North Carolina, United States
I offer heart-felt images and empowering sentiments because I believe it's through compassion, love, and caring that the woes of the world can be mitigated. As my contribution to the human condition, over a lifetime, I've placed my artistic focus on creating beautiful, spiritually inspired art in the realm of the mystical and the sacred for the purpose of meditation, healing, transformation, and individual empowerment. Beauty speaks. Beauty inspires. Beauty heals. I started my art career in the early 1980s as the first female Fantasy Artist for the D&D and the RPG (Role-playing Games) genre. I'm a strange mix between a Medievalist and a Renaissance woman, capable of different forms of artistic expression. My fantasy images contain mystery, hope and wonder, which is what I'd like to spread to a chaotic, uncertain, troubled world. My different card lines honor the ancestors of my locale, speak to the empowerment of women, present affirmations for the healing of specific maladies, create Joy and celebrate the fantastic. Through imagination and creativity, I hope to touch / rekindle the Light in the Hearts of those who seek a sense of hope and wonder, while reminding people of the beauty that always resides within themselves.
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