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ARF & Soul
Express yourself with the dog you love!
Dallas, Texas
ARF & Soul is about man's best friend- the dog. Currently, there are 51 dogs in this on-going series. Seven of them are published in the book, “1000 Dog Portraits: From the People Who Love Them.” A book for “ARF & Soul” is planned. My two dogs, Gus and Spek are my children. The idea for ARF & Soul began while I was watching them lay in a deep sleep. It is said that dogs can spend up to 16 hours of their day sleeping. With that much sleep, I wondered what they dreamed about. I wondered if they dreamed about things that we often think of. Do they dream of being somewhere else? Do they dream about being someone else? Do they dream about exploring this big great world? I was curious. When they woke up, they stared at me and I wondered...What are they thinking about? When you look into a dog's eyes there is a powerful story waiting to be told. There are so many expressions. Every dog has a story. And all of my work has a story.
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