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Archetypus Digital
Math as Art.
Clearwater, Florida
I have always been fascinated by mathematics and art. Fractals are a way of connecting them. So what is a fractal? Well it's basically a pattern that repeats itself on many levels. A great example is broccoli. A whole head of broccoli can be cut into florets that still resemble the whole head. Each floret can be cut into still smaller bits that still look kinda like the big head of broccoli you started with. Many fractals are found in nature. Other examples include trees, clouds, and even your own circulatory system. My art is created based on the same mathematical principals that define the fractals found in nature. I play with the parameters (sometimes dozens of them) until I find a design I like. Then I try different coloring definitions until I decide on a final design. Although my part of the process can take several days of tweaking, the real boring calculations are left to the computer. The computations that create the actual image are far more than what I can actually do on my I leave them to the computer. This set of calculations sometimes takes days of processing into the images you see. Sometimes they look great and sometimes I adjust the colors, contrast, and cropping, but the majority of the work you see is purely the result of many hours of processing very complex math formulas. Math as art.
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Susan Moss commented on ArchetypusDigital 4/06/2011
Love all your designs
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