Bacon Designs
Pour Beer In Pie Hole - Emergency Sign
Pour Beer In Pie Hole - Text
Unzip N Sit 1
I Like To Party
Evolution Sucks!
Funny Constipated Chicken
Full Frontal Nerdity #2
Full Frontal Nerdity
Alien Abduction B&W
Alien Abduction Volunteer
Anal Probe Volunteer
They're Just Like Us
Gotcha Chicken!
Customizable Funny Cartoon Chicken
Poker Chips
Toilet Paper
Lightning Bolt
Honey Badger
Just Got Laid
Cartoon Chicken Constipated
Cartoon Chicken Hypnotized
Caution Aliens At Play (Red Text)
Caution Aliens At Play (Black Text)
Caution Constipated Chicken Red Lettering
Caution Constipated Chicken
Caution Hypnotized Chicken Red Lettering
Caution Hypnotized Chicken Black Lettering
Funny Text Designs

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Here at Rude Universi T, you'll find funny designs you can't find anywhere else. We specialize in humor, and that's all you'll find here. We have adult humor, college humor, drink humor, animal humor, animal college humor, adult animal college drink humor and so much more. Click the designs below to see them on all products offered, including t-shirts for men, women, children, babies and dogs, hats, coffee cups, travel mugs, beer steins, stickers, magnets, postcards, mouse pads and way more. If you need a gift for somebody with at least a bit of a sense of humor, we've got you covered. They WILL NOT already have it. Geeks, Nerds, Beer Drinkers, Constipated Chicken uh...People. They'll love this stuff! NOW FEATURING: BACON, BEER, ANAL PROBES AND A CONSTIPATED CHICKEN!