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Welcome! Please, make sure to click on the "See on XYZ styles or XYZ products links under the thumbnails to see all the available products... Introducing project “Military Insignia 3D” by C.7 Design Studio, featuring military heraldry designs of unparalleled quality. You will find designer apparel, accessories, stationary, custom postage and gifts decorated with badges, emblems, crests, coats of arms, shoulder sleeve insignia and distinctive unit insignia of various service branches, commands, fleets, ships, divisions, regiments, battalions, squadrons, bases, training facilities and other military formations. Even though our primary focus will be on the armed forces of the United States, Canada, UK and Australia, we are also planning on expanding this project much further, covering armed forces of NATO as well as other countries. Please, keep in mind that this project is always a work in progress. If your unit has not been featured just yet, please check back often, because new designs are being added on a daily basis. Custom requests and special orders are welcome. Please feel free to use “Send a message” feature on the left-hand side of the home page or on any of the product pages. I will also make any of my graphics available at no cost to any of the military units, personnel or their families, to be used for any internal duty-specific purposes (i.e. unit websites, training and presentation materials) and for any non-commercial or charitable purposes, which might benefit our men and women in uniforms or their families. Also, don't forget to check out my Military Insignia blog for behind-the-scene look on how these designs were created, as well as on history and origins of certain military insignia. If you like what you see here, please take a few moments and visit my C.7 Gift Ideas to discover a multitude of innovative and fresh gifts. For a broad selection of stunning heraldry designs from around the world, please visit my new gallery World Heraldry 3D This store was organized in a tree-like fashion, with multiple categories and subcategories, which you can navigate from either the panel on the left side of each page, or by clicking directly on the image thumbnails. I hope you enjoy your visit. Click on the images below to navigate to corresponding galleries.