About The Vintage & Retro Advertising T-Shirt Factory

United States
Store opened on 5/02/2008

Store Description

Our store offers an outstanding selection of Vintage Poster Art, Fruit Crate Labels, Victorian Trade Cards, WPA, French Posters, Vintage Music Sheet Covers, Retro Advertising, Belle Epoque, Theatre Posters, Art Deco Letters, Vintage Seed Packets, Vintage Japanese Art & Other Paper Ephemera on T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Apparel, Christmas Ornaments, Note Cards, Ipads, Ipods, Invitations and other Gift Items.Enjoy themes such as birds, butterflies, dogs, cats, humor, animals, fruits, bicycle ads, trains, planes, automobiles, beautiful woman, WPA, flowers, and other interesting subjects. All vintage art have been carefully restored to bring back to life their original color and beauty.