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Welcome to 'Customize My Minifig' where you can 'customize' my minifig images to make great products. Each image is totally customizabIe - add text, reduce, enlarge and change the color of the background. My name is Chillee Wilson and I’m an adult collector of minifigs, and totally obsessed with them. I’m a total nerd when it comes to bricks and minifigs and have hundreds of minifigs on display at home and literally thousands of new ones packed away carefully in zip locked bags in my collection. More recently I have found I am enjoying capturing great photos of my minifigs, as much as building them. My latest work is graphic designs capturing the fun of building blocks, bricks and minifigs. You can like my work at Facebook www.facebook.com/CustomizeMyMinifig Or view my work at Flickr on http://www.flickr.com/photos/customizemyminifig. Thank you from Chillee Wilson, owner of Customize My Minifig, www.customizemyminifig.com www.brickmerch.com

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"Thank you for looking at my Store on Zazzle"
By Customize My Minifig, 7/07/2012 about
Hi, if you like my designs, I am also on RedBubble and my early photos are on Flickr. You can also like my work on Facebook, just do a Google or Facebook search to find me. If you're looking on RedBubble for my work, just search for "CHILLEE" or "CUSTOMIZE MY MINIFIG". Thank you Chillee
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