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is all encompassing, reflecting the characteristics of our world, it's people and places, living and non living things. Its about creating art through various mediums such as photography, design, drawing and painting, and it's about feelings of love for the planet are caretakers of. Finally, it's about offering YOU as a customer, art which comes from my hand and heart. PS:PS:PS:PS:PS:PS:PS:PS:PS:PS:PS:PS:PS:PS:PS:PS:PS:PS:PS: If there is ANYTHING you would like to see here, let me know! I'll upload the photos and/or create the item!!!! Easy!!!! Take a look at my items for sale on Red Bubble!

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By AmbientKreations, 13/08/2012 about
Thank you to those people who purchased (individually) the Hope and New Caledonian items.. your support is great!
"BIG THANKS! for adding In the Air Tonight T-Shirt to your site!"
By AmbientKreations, 23/11/2011 about
Mystical Taco added my t-shirt to their site! To listen to a great song, and see where the tee is.. you know what to do! http://www.mysticaltaco.com/pcitatl.html Thanks once again Mystical Taco! :D
By Ambient Papyrus, 13/11/2011 about
Thanks to EVERYONE who purchased items from me.. I do hope that you enjoy what you've received/will receive!!! I enjoyed creating them for you all.. just remember, if there's an item you would like with a specific image on, but I haven't created it, let me know.. Peace and love to you all.. xx
By AmbientKreations, 9/07/2010 about
Thank you so much to whomever purchased the items "I Love Rock And Roll"... You've made my day! This is my first ever sale on Zazzle! :D
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