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By AmbientKreations, 13/08/2012 about
Thank you to those people who purchased (individually) the Hope and New Caledonian items.. your support is great!
"BIG THANKS! for adding In the Air Tonight T-Shirt to your site!"
By AmbientKreations, 23/11/2011 about
Mystical Taco added my t-shirt to their site! To listen to a great song, and see where the tee is.. you know what to do! http://www.mysticaltaco.com/pcitatl.html Thanks once again Mystical Taco! :D
By E'Mana Lier Designs, 13/11/2011 about
Thanks to EVERYONE who purchased items from me.. I do hope that you enjoy what you've received/will receive!!! I enjoyed creating them for you all.. just remember, if there's an item you would like with a specific image on, but I haven't created it, let me know.. Peace and love to you all.. xx
By AmbientKreations, 9/07/2010 about
Thank you so much to whomever purchased the items "I Love Rock And Roll"... You've made my day! This is my first ever sale on Zazzle! :D
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